Our Story

The inspiration for Black Dog Offroad began after we rescued Cooper, our black German Shepherd Dog. We saw first hand just how often large black dogs are abandoned by their owners and how quickly their lives can turn upside down. Wanting to do more, we started donating to local rescues and doing 5k races to bring awareness, but it never felt like enough. It was at these races that a light bulb went off: 

Jeep Wrangler owners with their happy dogs in the passenger seat are a very common sight.

As a Jeep Wrangler owner my entire life, I know some of the frustrations that come with purchasing Jeep parts. Searching for countless hours to find the best price, the best customer service, the right suspension lift. Scouring the forums to educate myself on what to buy because the choices are overwhelming. Black Dog Offroad will be your new go-to for all things outdoorsy, Jeep related accessories, and maybe even some of our favorite dog accessories as well. 

Black Dog Offroad is not the big guy of the industry. We will be that scrappy dog that does everything right as possible to find our way into your hearts. As a young startup, we have selected the top products in each category, at a range of price points, to help simplify the buying process. Can't find it on our site, but still want to buy from us and help save a dog's life? We are happy to get it for you!

Most importantly, a percent of every item sold will go toward bettering the lives of our 4 legged friends.